Gerard Baltazar, CEO & Chairman

About In2Matrix

In2Matrix is an international boutique full-service broker and consulting firm which offers a wide range of services for personal and commercial insurance, through our offices in the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Netherlands. As a family-owned business, we are not market driven – clients’ interests and success are our focus and top priority.


Our strength is that we are able to offer local solutions to local companies and at the same time possess a unique expertise to provide international solutions to multinational companies of all sizes.


We are part of Brokerslink, a global broking company that brings together market-leading, independent brokers from over 110 countries, 500+ offices and more than 10,000 employees to support the clients with world-class, risk management and insurance services. Therefore we have the global reach and the buying power, making us a strong alternative to the mainstream models in the insurance market.

Our clients and partners are medium and large multinational and Russian companies and we place their risks in leading insurance companies on the Russian and international market.


Why In2Matrix?


  • A team of professionals with extensive experience in corporate insurance in Russia and abroad

  • Customized approach in choosing insurance coverage and optimizing insurance costs

  • An integrated approach to the needs of the client in providing insurance protection

  • Design and implementation of exclusive insurance plans

  • Customer support at all stages of the insurance contract (from tender to contract administration)

  • Protecting client’s interests and assistance in the claims settlement and dispute resolution

In2Matrix has at its core a strong and experienced  management team comitted to service and ethical excellence.

Gerard Baltazar, CEO & Chairman

Наша Миссия

Ин2Матрикс - это международная консалтинговая компания, которая предоставляет индивидуальные и экономически эффективные решения, как для небольших компаний, так и для глобального бизнеса.

Наша Философия

Совершенство, инновации и качество - три отличительные черты нашего подхода к бизнесу.

Наши люди

Мы всегда стремимся предоставлять нашим клиентам только лучшие решения, гарантирующие их успех. Реализация подобных амбициозных решений возможна благодаря нашим людям.

Равные возможности

Ин2Матрикс стремится предоставлять равные возможности для всех, независимо от цвета кожи, расы, религии или убеждений, пола, гражданского статуса, инвалидности или возраста.

Наше видение

Мы используем наш обширный мировой опыт, знания локального рынка и международные партнерские сети для продвижения интересов наших клиентов. 

One insurance solution for your global business
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