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In today's increasingly competitive marketplace a global footprint and outlook are critical to a company's success.

We have significant experience in integrating international, regional, and local aspects of personal and commercial insurance which enables us to introduce or further develop industrial best-practice alongside local business practices and requirements.


In2Matrix Global Insurance Solution helps employers like you, maximise their potential. We use innovative and creative approaches to create transparent and successful strategies allowing you to demonstrate strong corporate governance whilst controlling the costs normally associated with employee benefits provision and commercial insurance.

Employee Benefits     
Доктор Использование цифровых планшетных

Health Insurance

Employee benefits package for employees of all levels including expats. Allows you to receive immediate and professional medical care...

Принимая пульс старшего пациента

Retirement plans

Additional motivation and retention  tool for key employees. Provides additional  income upon reaching the age of pension. Allows co-financing...

Мать и ребенок

Life Insurance

Provides additional protection for employees and their families in the event of an accident. 

Removes financial burden from the employer...

Йога для бассейна

Wellness & EAP

Reduces negative impacts of stress. Improves work climate and employee productivity.

Helps control absenteeism amongst staff...

Ученый в лаборатории

Critical Illness

Provides cover for critical illnesses which are usually excluded from VMI programs. Helps you obtain an early diagnosis in Russia and abroad. Allows you to receive...

Воздушное движение Прогнозирование

Travel Insurance

Allows you  to receive emergency medical care during a trip abroad. Protects you during business and leisure trips, may cover both non hazardous...

Property and Casualty
Sky скребки

Property Insurance

Provides protection for property and assets. Allows you to obtain a refund in the event of  damage, theft or  total loss of the property. Additionally provides cover against terrorism...

деловая встреча

Liability Insurance

Reduces your compensation cost to the third party in the event of accidental injury, damage to property and infliction of harm to health and life. 

Protects your business...

Грузовик и Склад

Transport Insurance

Protects both personal and leased transport. Allows you to obtain a refund in the event of damage, theft or total lost of the transport. 

Allows you to apply...

Загрузка Грузы

Cargo Insurance

Allows you to obtain a refund in the event of damage , theft and total loss of the cargoes.

Protects your cargo at any stage of transportation, including cargo...