Provides protection for property and assets.

Allows you to obtain a refund in the event of  damage, theft or  total loss of the property. 

Additionally provides cover against terrorism threats and business disruption.


Insurance broker in2matrix will help to formulate the optimal coverage requirement and choose the appropriate insurance option for property in case of fire, explosion, natural disasters, unlawful actions of third parties, as well as other cases stipulated by the insurance contract that have occurred with the following objects:

● buildings, structures and advertising structures

● utilities and decoration

● machinery and equipment, furniture and equipment

● inventories in warehouses and trading floors and also provide the coverage of possible losses of the company from interruptions in production activities arising from the above events

You should be looking for a broker who has a deep understanding of how your industry sector operates.  That way you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of our services. We assist clients of all sizes and industries.

  • Risk assessment

  • Benchmarking

  • Tender Process

  • Contract Implementation

  • Claims Management & Analysis

  • Contract Administration

Our Services

Commercial Property and Equipment



Provides protextion for property and assets. Allows you to obtain a refund in the event of  damage, theft or  total loss of the property. 
Additionally provides cover against...




Reduces your compensation cost to the third party in the event of accidental injury, damage to property and  infliction of harm to health and life. Protects your business ...



Protects bith personal and leased transport. Allows you to obtain a refund in the event of  damage, theft or  total loss of the transport. 
Allows you to apply ...




Allows you to obtain a refund in the event of damage, theft and total loss of the cargoes.

Protects your cargo at any stage of transportation, including cargo ...

One insurance solution for your global business
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