Travel Insurance

Allows you  to receive emergency medical care during a trip abroad.

Protects you during business and leisure trips.

May cover both non hazardous and hazardous sports.


Insurance broker In2Matrix will help you choose the best service program taking into account your needs for the following risks:

● medical expenses, including dental treatment costs

● emergency medical and transportation expenses (evacuation and repatriation)

● delay or cancellation of a trip

● loss or delay of baggage

● loss of documents

● legal assistance  

In2Matrix has the professional depth and expertise to address your company’s specific issues across a wide range of employee risk management challenges. More importantly, we take the time to understand you employee benefits goals and objectives and create tailored solutions to fit your business needs.

  • Risk assessment

  • benefits Analysis and Design

  • Benchmarking

  • Tender Process

  • Contract Implementation

  • Claims Management & Analysis

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Contract Administration

  • Contract Administration

  • Employee Support & Assistance

  • Employee Communication Strategy

  • Flexible Benefits Design, Implementation & Support

  • Wellness and EAP

  • Medical Concierge Services

Our Services

Medical Insurance

Employee benefits package for employees of all levels including expats. Allows you to receive immediate and professional medical care. Allows you...

Retirement Plans

Additional motivation and retention tool for key employees.

Provides additional income upon reaching the age of pension. Allows co-financing ...

Life Insurance

Provides additional protection for employees and their families in the event of an accident. 
Removes financial  burden from the employer in the event of ...


Wellness & EAP

Reduces negative impacts of stress. Improves work climate and employee productivity. Helps control absenteeism amongst staff...

Critical Illness

Provides cover for critical illnesses which are usually excluded from VMI programs.

Helps you obtain an early diagnosis in Russia and abroad...

Travel Insurance

Alows you to receive emergency medical care during a trip abroad. Protects you during business and leisure trips. May cover both non hazardous...

One insurance solution for your global business
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